Poor Luck

I managed to get both the flu and pink eye this weekend, making running very difficult.

Finally last night I got off my bum and went to the gym, though I hate running inside.

I got in about 3.3 miles in 30 minutes. I’m hoping to get a good 50 minutes in today – but I think I’m going to split it into an afternoon run and an evening run as to not irritate my eye further.

Currently, I’m using map my run to keep track of my runs. I love it because it shows my my progress, and gives me an idea of how I’ve improved over time. It also helps me plan what I’m going to run in the future. Although I don’t use these features, it also allows people to track how they felt during the run, the weather, and even has a nutrition log.

It’s a pretty advanced application, in my opinion, though I find the GPS coordinates are not quite right some of the time.

My profile is here: Map My Run

So far, this has been the longest run I’ve logged:

I’m trying to convince some of my friends to sign up for a St. Patrick’s Day road race with me. I’ve looked into this one:

Perfect way to run off the beer calories!

I’m hoping to be able to run outside today, I much prefer it over running around our track, and I will never run on a treadmill. Unfortunately, today is crappy weather, but we FINALLY had snow last night.

My goal for the evening is a 30 minute run around the track and a 20 minute run outside. I’m going to run outside first, just in case I can handle the weather and complete all 50 minutes outdoors.

With off-and-on rain and dropping temperatures, I’m really going to need motivation to hit the pavement.

Today's Weather, Boston

Thanks, weather.com!

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