Hello, Old Friend…

Normally, I don’t look forward to days off of running. I get antsy and have too much energy, and cross training just doesn’t have the same ability to chill me out the way running does.

Today’s a much needed rest day, my old left leg injuries are creeping up on me again.

Yesterday’s run was going well, then it started to rain about twenty minutes in (when I hadn’t yet turned around in my loop). Ended up running a little over two miles in the freezing rain, and then got lost around the Beacon Hill area. I decided to stop running after only forty minutes (ten minutes short of my goal), but I did it all in one chunk, so it’s not horrible. Plus, I had to walk home two miles after my run in the rain, and came home looking like a drowned rat.

My left leg, from the calf area to the lower and side buttocks were quite tight after the run yesterday, and remain tight today.

On a lighter note, I found a running buddy! A family friend introduced me to a friend of his, a student at BC. He’s making his way downtown tomorrow, and we agreed to run along the Charles. First time running with someone else!

It should be interesting, as I have no idea if there is “etiquette” involved with running alongside someone. When do you know whether or not they’re too tired to talk while running? What if they try talking to me and I’m too tired? What if they’re going too fast/slow? Do you try to keep up/slow down with them or do you run at their own pace?

I’m swamped with homework today, so a day off is welcomed for multiple reasons.

Currently I’m working on a post regarding my favorite “runner’s resources”. If all goes well, it should be posted by this evening.

Time to hit the books…

About kimberlybrussell

Journalism major & sociology minor, finishing up my last year of college.
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1 Response to Hello, Old Friend…

  1. Valerie Sarnataro says:

    Good luck running with your new buddy!

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