These past two days have been somewhat frustrating for me, running wise. I had planned to run sixty minutes straight yesterday and then take today off. Unfortunately, sickness seemed to creep up again, and 20 minutes into my run yesterday, I got super nauseous.

I ended up walking for 8 minutes, then resumed for another 35 minutes, my mileage totaling 5.96 miles for the day. It’s a good amount of miles, though I wish I had realized how close I was to six miles and just finished it.

What’s disappointing about it is that more and more lately I’ve been having trouble completing my long runs without some walking in the middle, whether it be one minute or twenty minutes. It’s almost as if there’s some mental block keeping me from completing a full hour of running in a row.

As a result of my “failed” run yesterday, I decided to go out today. Bad idea, seeing as it snowed quite a bit last night. Just over a mile and a half into my run, I took a lovely little spill and called it a day. Unless I invest in some cleated shoes, I think I’ll stick to running indoors on slippery days.

On another note, Nike just released a new product, the Nike+ FuelBand. I have previously owned the Nike+ sensor to fit into my shoe, but the GPS was just not accurate enough, no matter how many times I calibrated it. I want to have high hopes for this product – it’s one of those universal products that even non-active people will find useful. It’s a sleek product, measuring every single activity the wearer participates in, and tracking calories burned and steps taken. It’s designed simply, and by the looks of it, hides the fact that it is a USB device and sport band at the same time.

Nike products, in my opinion, are the “running gear” equivalent of Apple products. While they seem to be the first ones coming out with these awesome products, I don’t understand why they’re so expensive…and often inaccurate. I won’t be purchasing the FuelBand anytime soon, but I look forward to reading more consumer reviews and seeing how the public reacts to the new product.

If I wanted to spend a lot of money on a GPS watch/tracker, I’d buy a Garmin watch. Granted, they’re not the most handsome of running watches, but Garmin is notorious for having spot-on GPS capabilities, and for me, that’s a lot more important than the way it looks.

In every running book I’ve read, as well as magazines, I always read about the importance of cross training. There’s a ton of ways to cross-train, but I never bring myself to do it. I am vowing to complete 2 sessions of cross-training this week: one for an hour, one for a half hour. We have a pool at Northeastern, so that’s certainly an option, but my roommate has also suggested I look into the Bar Method.

It appears to be a mix between yoga, pilates and ballet. I’m absolutely interested, as I used to be a ballerina (and love both yoga and pilates) but never have the opportunity to practice it.

I love trying new things, and am looking for new ideas for cross training. Maybe I’ll even try a karate lesson…

I’m open to any and all suggestions!


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5 Responses to SNOW!

  1. Simon says:

    On Nike products I too used to rely in a Nike+ but found it to inaccurate. Now I use runkeeper on my iPhone which is excellent, and I use the Nike+ sportband for an easy way to see pace rather than distance. It’s not perfect but it’s ok

  2. Shmibble says:

    I’ve only ever had Garmin running watches, so I might be a bit biased, but I think they’re fantastic – in fact I’ve just bought a new one to replace my (extremely retro) original. My girlfriend has the forerunner 110 in grey/pink and absolutely loves it. It’s a bit light on the features side of things, but more importantly it doesn’t look like she has a house brick strapped to her wrist!

    • Simon – Unfortunately, I’m still stuck using an ol’ Blackberry, but a former coworker of mine used Runkeeper on his iPhone and also suggested that. I won’t be able to get an iPhone for a few months until I have an available upgrade, but when I do, that’ll be the first app I’ll upload. It’s such a disappointment to me that Nike products are so expensive, yet so inaccurate. You’d think such an athletically-geared company would understand how imperative it is for us to have 100% accurate GPS tracking for our runs.
      Shmibble – Just checked it out – I’ve never seen that one! It’s actually way better looking than even my current one, just a small Timex. Do these work indoors around a track, as well? Thanks for the suggestion, I think I’m going to ask my parents for that watch for my upcoming birthday in February, perfect timing!

      • Shmibble says:

        The timer and heart rate monitor will work indoors, but the GPS probably won’t. If you get the 210 (I think), you can get a footpod with it that measures how many steps you do and works out your distance from that. Apparently it’s scarily accurate!

      • Thankyou so much. I’m checking it out right now online, not a bad looking watch, either. And I’m loving the options. I really appreciate you taking your time out to let me know about stuff like this, looks like I’ve officially decided what I’m asking for for my birthday.

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