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In my Reinventing the News class, we were assigned to follow ten new people or organizations on Twitter who are related to our beat. Obviously, since my beat is running, I searched for people tweeting about running. The first few organizations I followed were the obvious ones, the ones that came up first when I searched ‘running’ in the Twitter search bar:

@NikeRunning – Nike Running feed, very active and responsive in the Twitter community. People tweet Nike often, and Nike is great about sending encouraging responses, or brief tidbits on how to improve running. It’s not all about marketing, and they are not only concerned with selling their products, which is nice to see from a company like Nike, who spends so much on advertising.

@RunnersWorld  – Very little activity among the Twitter community, but does a great job of posting excellent articles and training tips with perfect 140-word headlines. This Twitter has a huge following, and follows a lot of feeds too, making it easy to find other great Twitter feeds to subscribe to.

@WomensRunning – A mixture of responding to subscribers’ tweets and displaying articles. They seem to really care about their following, and people who tweet to them can tell. When people reply to the articles they post on Twitter, they will often include some of the comment highlights in the articles on their magazines.

Through these three “mainstream” Twitter feeds, I found most of the other running-oriented Twitter feeds I’ve included on the list. Twitter is very useful for many different reasons, but I think my favorite part about is being able to find Twitter feeds to follow based on the feeds you already subscribe to.

@DailyRunningTip – I love the layout of this Twitter, the background is great, but I didn’t find the content to be very useful, at least not for my level of running. The content seems to be geared towards a much more experienced set of runners, i.e. marathon and ultra-marathon runners. This Twitter feed just resulted in intimidating me…

@BenDoesLife – I’m cheating with this one, because I’ve followed Ben’s blogs and his Twitter for a while now, but I can’t help it. I love BenDoesLife. He’s hilarious, his tweets are sometimes informative, sometimes hilarious, and sometimes just plain relatable. He has gotten a huge following, though he’s more active on his blog than he is on Twitter. He doesn’t seem to Tweet a lot, and doesn’t really hold conversations with those who tweet him. I also don’t really understand why he has a pink flowered pattern as his Twitter background, but who am I to judge…?

@Spartan_Race –  Twitter feed of the creators of the infamous Spartan Races. While they post some informative articles about running, most Tweets are about the Spartan Races or responding to people Tweeting at them. I also found they advertise a lot on their feed, which I’m not a fan of at all. I don’t need my Twitter feed to tell me what deodorant I should use…if I was a man about to run a Spartan Race.

@Healthy_Strides – Twitter feed of a Mom who has had great success improving her life through running and getting healthy. I really like her feed, it’s really personal and she’s pretty funny (my favorite Tweet: “Forrest Gump doesn’t have anything on me. Ran 4 miles against the wind – with a jogging stroller…”) Not only does she have a great first name, but when people Tweet her, she responds with care, humor and seems actually interested in what they have to say. Huge fan of this Twitter feed.

@RWGearGuy – This is Brian Sabin’s running blog, which I came across from Runner’s World magazine’s twitter. I love this blog, he reviews all sorts of running gear, wear and posts studies he finds interesting. He really filters what he Tweets, making sure he only posts truly useful things. He is a Runner’s World editor, but his Tweets don’t try and advertise for anything, they are just truly useful.

@AnytimeFitness – Another Twitter feed I came across that I love. Similar to many Twitter feeds, AnytimeFitness posts articles, training tips and is very active in the Twitter community. Instead of just focusing on running, though, this feed includes fitness of all kinds – including great recommendations for cross training.

@RunningProblem – This is probably one of the greatest Twitter feeds about running I’ve ever come across. It’s generally very funny, though not all posts are meant to be humorous, but it’s very refreshing to be reminded we’re not alone when we dread those long, freezing runs.

If you’re not yet on Twitter, or are new to it, this is a great guide to learning the ropes. I’m a huge fan of Twitter, and I’ve found a lot of new websites and people to follow through it. Please follow me, and let me know if you have a Twitter too! I love finding new feeds to follow, and I think it’s a great way to stay on top of your interests.

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  1. Stewart says:

    I would recommend following @coachjenny. She tweets often, answers questions and has great advice. Great post!

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