For our most recent class assignment, we were asked to seek out an event and cover it over Twitter. I spent the weekend at Okemo, a ski/snowboarding resort in Ludlowe, Vermont. It was a great weekend, though I did have a few wipeouts – no yard sales though, my worst fall only resulted in losing one ski, which was quickly recovered by a snowboarder a few feet away.

Because I was under the schedule of the family I was staying with, finding an event wasn’t an option, so I just tweeted about what I experienced on the mountain. Tweeting while skiing isn’t the easiest task, especially when it’s below freezing outside and your mittens make it impossible to maneuver a phone keyboard. I also was a bit confused with what the task was, so I just did my best to get Tweets of memorable moments I encountered.

It was seriously cold at the top of the mountain, so I found myself Tweeting mostly at the bottom of the mountain, but it sort of created “bulks” of Tweets during certain times. I also was really uncomfortable taking out my phone on the chair lift, and almost dropped it the one time I tried, so I missed a lot of great photo opportunities.

It was also hard to get pictures instantaneously, because it was somewhat of a process to take off my two layers of gloves, so I missed getting photos of epic wipeouts.

While on the mountain, I discovered there was a race going on. Unfortunately, the race was taking place after I had to leave the mountain to return home, but the assignment forced me to seek out individuals involved. I met a great boy named Will Beany who was seeded first in the race, meaning he was expected to win. I really enjoyed talking to him, and he mentioned he hoped to someday be in the Olympics (and that it was actually realistic), so maybe someday we’ll see him splashed across the front of the New York Times with Olympic medals.

It was an interesting thing to do, but I wish I had been able to cover an event that was more newsworthy, so I could really see the effectiveness of instant news via Twitter, and its impact. I follow many news organizations on Twitter, and now that I’ve added the UberSocial application to my phone, I really see the effectiveness of getting these feeds instantly.

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Journalism major & sociology minor, finishing up my last year of college.
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