Chicka Chicka – Yeaaaahhh.

Feeling pretty pumped.

Got in the 60 minutes yesterday. I had to break it up into mini runs, 10-20 minutes each, because I was still a bit sore (and ate too recently before, resulting in some lovely cramps). But, I managed to catch the sunset on the Boston harbor during one of my walking breaks. Quite the beautiful city, I live in. I love it here.

Just got back a little bit ago from today’s 1st run (hopefully I’ll get another one in, depending on how quickly I get through my work). A little over 2 miles in 20 minutes. At first, I was pretty bummed about the speed, but checking out my splits made me realize my pace wasn’t as slow as I thought, I just got stuck at traffic stops.

Plus, it was about 60 degrees outside, so how could I not celebrate appropriately? On February 1st, in Boston, MA, I went running outside and was able to wear a tank top and shorts.

60 degrees on a run in February, and you’d probably be feeling like a ninja too.

Unfortunately, for now, I must set aside my ninja status and hit the books, but I have a feeling my inner ninja will sneak out when I run again tonight. Heck yes, ambition!

About kimberlybrussell

Journalism major & sociology minor, finishing up my last year of college.
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