I’m Into:

After a successful mileage day yesterday (5 miles running, 3 miles walking), my body has finally come head to head with this stupid flu bug that seems to be taking over this campus. I’m in bed overdosing on Vitamin C and water. Run today is looking highly unlikely.

I’m not a big concert fan, and will probably never attend these newfangled dubstep/house shows where young adults do nutty drugs and throw day-glo paint around. However, David Guetta’s music can keep me running on and on. No matter how tiring my run can get, once David Guetta’s remixes start playing on my iPod, I’m convinced I can run forever.

My current favorite of Guetta’s tracks:

I’m super into discovering new media tools, and just came across Pearl Trees. It’s a super useful way of organizing interests and discovering new ones, using the “tree” concept to categorize and search. I’m getting very distracted by it…


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Journalism major & sociology minor, finishing up my last year of college.
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