Post Slacker.

I am slacking on my posts. I blame my Latin American class, seeing as I’ve been doing enough writing in that culture class to make me never want to write again. It’s not terrible though, we learned about the Monroe Doctrine, which I’m currently writing a paper on. As boring as some history can be, I find some excitement to it, especially seeing how easily some of the greatest ideas can be exploited. It fascinates me because with this upcoming election, half of my thoughts are, “well, if he does this, how is it going to be spun in the future?”

It adds another dimension to the study of politics. It’s no longer what’s right and good for the people as a whole, and the people as individuals. It’s not just who gets what health care, or what tax bracket you’re in. It’s also about the understanding of how a precedent is set. In the Monroe doctrine, there were a lot of great ideas – neutrality, freedom for the Western hemisphere and the commitment of the United States to be the “Big brother” of the hemisphere.

What seems like it should have been a great idea ultimately didn’t always work out so well, as we saw when it was used to justify “manifest destiny” and T. Roosevelt’s forceful entrance on South American countries in debt. Doesn’t seem like that was really what Monroe (or Adams, who actually wrote most of the doctrine) was aiming for, especially because they viewed Washington’s farewell speech very highly – where he stated the key to foreign policy was to be “amicable, but not invested” with other countries.

I look at a lot of the platforms that the candidates stand for, and wonder what it really means for the future. Will tax brackets really change? Will we really be pulling troops out when we say we will? What if we can justify a change in that decision based on historical precedents?

It’s just frustrating to be a citizen of America who really is interested in politics, and the government of the country, because I never have any clue what I’m really standing for. Should I vote for Ron Paul, even though there’s seemingly no way he could win, just because I think he’s the best? Or should I attempt to choose between the lesser of the two evil’s (assuming Romney gets the Republican nomination…if Gingrich gets it, I’ll be heading the campaign for Obama).

That was today’s political rant, but don’t be shocked if I go political again, I’ve been getting pretty into a lot of these topics lately.

Today was another good running today. I got in 2 twenty minute runs, and tossed in some abs and arms after each. I paced well and got in a hair less than 5 miles between the 40 minutes. I’m not aching, the glutes aren’t very tender and the only ache in my body is my neck, which I blame on my terrible posture.

Since getting really into running, I thought I had really started to listen to my body. What I’m starting to realize is that I only really listened to my body in terms of running. What I mean by that is this: I always notice my glutes’ pain, stretch it out accordingly, ice, ibuprofen. This is because I run, and the more I run without taking care of them, the more they hurt. I always notice my shoulders/neck in pain – even when running. But I don’t do anything to make them better. Why? Because they have nothing to do with my running, they have to do with my posture.

I notice I do this about headaches, too, and even digestion problems. It’s pretty silly of me, considering how easy many of these are to fix. I’m not saying you should go and pop pain pills all the time – certainly not, but (for me, at least) I’m going to really try and listen to my body more – not just the running kinks, but even just the pains that come along with living. There’s no reason for me to have unnecessary and preventable pain – when I’m feeling hungry, I eat food to nourish my stomach paints; when I have an infection, I treat it with antibiotics or home remedies that are appropriate. I’m going to try and do the same with the less obvious stuff – the neck soreness especially.

Just signed up for a race with my best from home, as a duo:

I’m totally excited, but he’s WAY more athletic than me. Like…the best on his mountain biking team at BC & skiing extraordinaire – type athletic. The one that puts little pansy runner girls like me to shame. He promised he’ll give me some pointers on how to do shindigs like this, so maybe our time won’t be too bad. Either way, it definitely looks fun, and he was one of my best friends in high school, so it will be awesome to be going on an adventure to Sunday River with him. I’m looking so forward to it.

Charles is super cool and super athletic:

Out team name? Rocket Power.

[And if you don’t know…now you know]


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