Sparking Creativity

My most recent post was an upload of my running video that I recently made for my Reinventing the News Class. Our video project was the hardest part of our semester, but I think it was a great to be introduced to the basics of videography. I used the Apple program iMovie, a Mac tower and a recently purchased Canon camera. While my gear was high end, my knowledge was limited, and the project started rough from the beginning.

Finding runners to interview along the Charles River may seem easy, considering (as Mark said) “hundreds of people” run along the river. Out of those hundred runners, finding just one to pause their stop watch and give me even just a minute of time was borderline impossible. I got enough “Look out!”s and “Move out of the way!”s to last me a lifetime. I can’t say that had I been running I’d be any different. One of the biggest mental issues with running is we always want to know we don’t suck at running, and the amount of time we complete even a training 5k actually matters. It’s a bit silly, really.

With camera in tow, I attempted to find subjects. For any fellow Northeastern students, I can now relate to the Red Cross volunteers attempting to get our signatures and money. Everyone avoided me at all costs, I should have been a plague. An older man, whose run was far slower than my walk even managed to avoid confrontation, making it clear the volume on his iPhone was loud enough that there was no way he could possibly notice me standing right in front of him…

It took me six separate days out on the Charles, along Boylston/Newbury and filming on the Fens to finally get enough B Roll and interviews to comfortably make a three minute long video.

The editing process was fun, however. I thoroughly enjoyed attempting to match up b-roll video with the audio of my subjects, particularly Jean Lubgov (my favorite interviewee). It took a bit of time, but never felt too much like work. I’m enjoy pursuing creativity, so anything that is an outlet of creativity to me never feels like horrible homework.

One of the most interesting things I realized while doing this project was how easy it is to manipulate the statements of subjects. The ability to cut audio at just the right time can create an incredible difference in the speech intended and the speech published. While my story was hardly a matter worth arguing, it did make me realize that many clips I’ve seen posted online could be contextually incorrect.



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