Still Feels Like California

I returned from California, and it was a great trip. I got to spend a lot of time with my family, the weather was incredible and I even got to run across the Golden Gate Bridge which was awesome! I got some runs in, not quite as many as I should have, but my mother and I did lots of adventures to stay active.

The Golden Gate Bridge, post-run.

The weather here is unbelievable. I feel like I’m still in California, it’s 74 degrees Fahrenheit  out. Actually, technically it’s warmer than it is in San Francisco at the moment (it’s only 51 degrees there). Weather like this makes it easy to look forward to running – not too hot, a lot of people are out running and the sun is shining.

I’ve been trying for months to get my best friend, Chris, to run with me. Yesterday, he finally agreed! Although he ran track in high school, he hasn’t run for years, so he was pretty much starting at ground zero. He did SO much better than I did my first run. We did a loop around the Fens, which is about two miles. We ran at a very pleasant pace, probably around ten minute miles, and stopped three times to walk, but very briefly. It made me reflect a lot about my first few weeks running – I remember my first time running, I only made it about twenty minutes – and that was one minute running and two minutes walking. I’m hoping he’ll continue to run, it’s always nice having a partner to job with.

Six days until Ras na hEirann! I’m participating in the race with two friends, Jess and Justin. We’re all looking forward to it, and plan on running in costume. The attire will be based on St. Patrick’s Day – lots of green, maybe some Irish flags. If anyone has any creative costume ideas, I’m open for suggestions!

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Journalism major & sociology minor, finishing up my last year of college.
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