Making More Out of WordPress

I’m trying to vamp up my blog a bit, so I did a tiny bit of research and found some useful tips and tricks that I wasn’t previously aware of.

When you copy-paste a tweet, it shows up as an active tweet, allowing you to reply, retweet, favorite and more.

You see? Active tweet, very neat.

Maybe I’m dumb, but I couldn’t figure out where the actual link of each individual status was, and in order to create an individual tweet, you must use the link of the particular status. In order to this, open the tweet, then select “Details”. It should automatically direct you to a page displaying only that tweet. This is the link to use when copy-pasting for an active tweet.

2. Geotag! Geotagging is a nifty way to get more views and followers, it’s location based. It publicizes where you are through GPS capabilities (or lets you input your whereabouts).

It’s easy to do”

‘Go to your blog’s admin and click “Users” → “Personal Settings” from the admin menu.

Under “My Location”, click the checkbox to “Enable Geotagging”.’ –WordPress Help


If you’re going to be geotagging, remember it’s going to be revealing your location. So keep this in mind if you fear any followers. Safety first.

3. Get automatic proofreading. We’re not all completely genius when it comes to writing – I can very much attest to this. I misspell often, frequently use fragments and sometimes forget a punctuation mark or two. WordPress has enabled users to have their posts checked for a variety of potential mishaps.

“You can configure the proofreading feature by going to Users -> Personal Settings. You’ll find the Users menu on the left hand side of your dashboard half-way down the page.” –WordPress Help

So many proofreading options! Sweet!




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