How the Internet Has Changed Barefoot Running

How often do you see someone running barefoot?

Probably not often, if ever, unless you’re a barefoot runner yourself.

A very minimal percentage of the population runs barefoot, however, the Internet, social media websites and digital media initiatives are bringing together barefoot runners by uniting them, bringing the sport awareness and advertising events.

I’ve chosen to feature Barefoot Running in Boston as my topic of choice for my final project in Reinventing the News. Our assignment is this:

“Your project must be about a digital media initiative of some sort. I’m willing to be pretty flexible with regard to what that means. It is not a requirement that it be related to your beat, though it would be preferable. And I’d like it to be local if at all possible.”

The final project will consist of a slideshow, a video and a blog post.

It’s clear barefoot runners are few and far between, but the topic seems to continuously creep up on me – ads for the Vibram shoes on my Facebook, “Barefoot Running”-inspired Meetup Group e-mail suggestions, ads for the upcoming first ever Boston Barefoot Running Festival. From someone who had never heard of such a thing before this year, it’s been an activity I see time and time again. Clearly, social media is playing a huge part in the rising number of barefoot runners, and I want to learn why and how.

About kimberlybrussell

Journalism major & sociology minor, finishing up my last year of college.
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