Ras na Heireann

Ras na Heireann was Sunday, March 18th. While all my roommates were lying in bed, hungover and trying to recover before the parade, I was on my way to Somerville, getting warmed up. It was my 2nd 5k, and was so much fun. It was very festive, everybody covered head to toe in green – definitely some ridiculous costumes in sight. About 4,300 people took part, both runners and walkers of all ages and sizes. I ran it with my good friend, Jess Murray, and although we almost didn’t make it to the race in the first place (thanks to crowded T lines) we both finished the race without walking or stopping.

Jess (left) and I post-race with our Guinness, medals and green gear.

I finished the race six seconds behind Jess, my chip time being 25:30. Considering my first 5k was run in 28:10, I’m very happy with how I did. I’ve decided my new goal is going to be to run my next 5k in under 25 minutes.

Capstone Photography took many pictures of the events, organizing pictures by bib number (and designating runners to that bib number), making it easy to see pictures taken of me. The pictures are pretty funny – clearly my initial smile didn’t last the entire race.

Pictures of Kimberly Russell, Bib #3459, Copyright of Capstone Photography.

About kimberlybrussell

Journalism major & sociology minor, finishing up my last year of college.
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